Virtuemart Database Manager 2.1

This template allow to connect and manage the Virtuemart database, directly from your computer. Fast and easy!


Tired to spend hours for manage  Virtuemart orders, products and customers?

You are looking for a complete solution that can manage your Virtuemart database quickly? You have find the right software!

Use only one software for keep your inventory updated, manage orders and products , generate reports, etc...

Main  features:

  • Orders Manager: Manage  in few seconds your Virtuemart orders. Send invoices only for confirmed orders. Create yourself an offiline order for a registered or unregistered customer. Sync your business with your different company departments (warehouse, sellers, physical shop, on-line order). Add a product item to an order using the barcode. Manage  the invoices without any effort.
  • Product Manager: Manage your products list easly and fast. Assign image, prices, category and attributes in few seconds. Generate nice product catalogue in one click! Discover  all the 'Virtuemart Products Manager' features'
  • Customers manager: Manage and keep your customer details ordered, see on the google map his  address, or watch his website in one click. Look all the orders submitted by a single user. Add an image logo and internal comment on a customer.
  • Reports: See the sales trend in one second! Create report for sales, top seller products and inventory in one click! Keep your catalogue updated without any effort.

If you are a seller or an e-commerce website's owner, this solution is designed for you. If you are a web developper, think how it's easy for your customer to use this solution for manage the Virtuemart products store.

Very easy, fast to use,  and with the ability to use all the features included in Filemaker (the leading, easy-to-use database software to help you quickly manage and securely share information through a network or over the web) , for increase report capability and search performance of your e-store. What is Filemaker? Look on their website how powerfull is this software!

How it's work?  

This template allow your MAC or PC, to be connected directly (via ODBC) on the database used by Virtuemart to work. All the changes made on a product will be updated in few seconds on the website. You can install this software on different conputers to work at the same time, in different company departments.  

Take a tour, look the videos for understand how it's work!


Virtuemart Database Manager Guided Tour


In few seconds you can add a new order in Virtuemart. Add a product item by his SKU or the barcode. You can use this template to keep your physical sales sync with the on-line orders. Unify invoices for on-line and physical order! Assign or modify the BILL and SHIPPMENT address, apply a discount on your order. Keep under control all the orders received on your web shop. Use the powerful Filemaker's search tool for find an order by  BILL name, products sold, number, status, date, comments, etc etc...


Virtuemart Product Manager Reports!


Generate sales trend chart in one click!

Create report for the received orders or the effectued sales based on quarter, month, or week without any effort.



Virtuemart Product Manager Products Manager In few seconds you can add a new product, assign it multiple prices, category, image, barcode, weight, description, attribute and much more! Look the video how is simple add a product to your list. Discover all the features of  'Virtuemart Products Manager'. This functions are included in 'Virtuemart Database Manager'






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System requirements:

The 'Virtuemart Products Manager' template is included. Discover how is fast manage your products list with 'Virtuemart Products Manager'

'Virtuemart Database Manager' template, is based on the 'FileMaker Business Productivity Kit'. For take all the advantages from report capability we suggest you to download and install Filemaker 11. The template is developed and tested on Virtuemart 1.1.4 version with default Virtuemart database tables installed.


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